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Kola Union High School

Kola Union High School was started on 23rd April, 1923. The day is an auspicious day marked the beginning of a long journey of Kola Union High School. This premiere institution was set up under village kola which is now well known to all of us as "Kolaghat". Once reputed as a center of trading, this Kola village had several "Ghats" on the bank of the Rupnarayan for the convenience of passenger and goods transport. Later the name "Kola" added with "ghat" made the place renowned as "Kolaghat". In spite of the location being Kolaghat(today) the institution got its name as "Kola Union High School". We can remember such great persons who initiated for starting a school for local children. They are Kritwibas Mazi(Denan), Gopal Doloi (Babua), Jaharuddin Mallick (Barisha), Mohd. Khandakar (Denan), Bibhuti Chakraborty (Kola), Kaliprasad Mukherjee (Barisha), Sharat Chandra Pal, Barada Chakraborty, Fakir Manna ( Kukhabar), Jatindranath Ghosh, Netai Dutta, Naren Daw ( Barbarisha), Jadu Dolui, Sarada Dolui, Debandranath Maji, Swarup Samanta (Babua) and other dignitaries whom we memorize the then S.D.O. Tamluk, without whose active co-operation our dream would never be realized.