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Plenary 3GPP RAN. 3GPP RAN 1. 3GPP RAN 2. 3GPP RAN 3. 3GPP RAN 4. 3GPP RAN 5. 3GPP RAN 6 (closed) 3GPP RAN AHG-ITU. is site is 3GPP working area. Log in to access full features. Select TSG/WG. All TSGs. 3GPP CT. Plenary 3GPP CT. 3GPP CT 1. 3GPP CT 2 (closed) 3GPP CT 3. 3GPP CT 4. 3GPP CT 5 (closed) 3GPP CT 6. TSG RAN. RAN Plenary. Home. Officials. Elections and Technical Votes. Meetings. Future. Full list. Documents. Go to 3GPP meetings page. to go to e Liaisons page. Meeting click for details and to reserve a tdoc number 3GPPSA2-TISPAN2-TISPAN WG215T: Ljubl a: 2007‑11‑12: 2007‑11‑15 Participants: Files S2-ah-26917. ember, 3GPP Overview 13 TSG RAN Radio Access Network RAN WG1 Radio Layer 1 spec RAN WG2 Radio Layer 2 spec Radio Layer 3 RR spec RAN WG3 lub spec, lur spec, lu spec UTRAN O&M requirements (Radio CN Interfaces) in meetings 3GPP File Size: 2MB. A vacancy has arisen for e role of e 3GPP RAN WG2 Standardization delegate, to attend 3GPP RAN WG 2 meetings and contribute to e standardization of NEC’s LTE Advanced and 5G solutions. Key responsibilities: e key responsibilities will be to: Develop LTE Advanced and 5G feature concepts for NEC’s RAN (Radio Access Network) solutions. TSG RAN WG1: imported from 3GU: R4‑162693: LS on LTE Rel-13 UE feature list (R1-161547 Source: TSG RAN WG1, To: TSG RAN WG2, Cc: TSG RAN WG3 and RAN 4) TSG RAN WG1: imported from 3GU: R4‑162694: Response LS on maximum UL Transmission timing difference in dual connectivity (R2-161998 Source: TSG RAN WG2, To: TSG RAN WG4, Cc: TSG RAN WG1) TSG. page generated from database: - -17 19:40:35. ABOUT RELEASES. Release 17. Release 16. Release 15. Release 14. Release 13. 3GPP TDocs (written contributions) at meeting Meeting: R2- 1 - -02-26 to -03-02, A ens meeting id: R2- 1 (click id for more info on is meeting). To is end 3GPP is taking a detailed review of e progress of its Rel-17 work program and will determine a completion schedule and all necessary means to adhere to is schedule at e upcoming TSG plenary meetings in ember. e 3GPP TSG RAN Working Group (WG) 2 created a letter to e IEEE 802.11 WG during e 3GPP TSG-RAN2 Meeting 85bis. e letter reports at 3GPP TSG-RAN WG2 (RAN2) is developing a mechanism for inter-working between 3GPP RATs [Radio . Select TSG/WG. All TSGs. 3GPP CT. Plenary 3GPP CT. 3GPP CT 1. 3GPP CT 2 (closed) 3GPP CT 3. 3GPP CT 4. 3GPP CT 5 (closed) 3GPP OP IMPROVE (closed) 3GPP PCG. Plenary 3GPP PCG. 3GPP PCG WP. 3GPP RAN. Plenary 3GPP RAN. 3GPP RAN 1. 3GPP RAN 2. 3GPP RAN 3. 3GPP RAN 4. 3GPP RAN 5. 3GPP RAN 6 (closed) 3GPP RAN AHG-ITU. 3GPP SA. Plenary 3GPP SA. Meeting Agenda item Revision of Revised To Extra info. SP-191381: discussion: TSG SA, RAN WG2, RAN SP-191366: LS out: LS on IMO NCSR 7/INF.6 submitted by IALA: TSG SA: approved: Approval: SA86: 3. SP-191298: LS from TSG RAN ITU-R ad-hoc: LS on 3GPP 5G synopsis tods ITU-R Recommendation on IMT- Technical Specifications. DRAFT RAN impacting prioritized items for joint session between TSG SA and TSG RAN: TSG SA Chairman: endorsed: Endorsement: SA80: 5.2: SP-180579: Draft meeting report of TSG CT80: MCC: noted: Information: SA80: 7.8: SP-180565: report: IETF Status report: TSG CT Chairman: LS from SA WG2: Reply LS on LS to 3GPP on QoS Prediction: SA. LS on Packet switched conversational multimedia applications TS 26.235 and TS 26.236 (To: 3GPP TSG CT WG3, 3GPP TSG CT WG4, 3GPP TSG RAN WG5, 3GPP TSG RAN WG2, Specification Manager, Cc: TSG SA) TSG SA WG4: revised: Approval: SA486. LS on Special Conformance Testing functions for UE (TS 36.509) (R5-083665_LS to RAN2 on 36.509 Source: TSG RAN WG5, To: TSG RAN WG2, Cc: TSG RAN) TSG RAN WG5 ision. 3GPP Technical Specification Groups (TSGs) and Working Groups (WGs) e Project Co-ordination Group (PCG) is responsible for overall time-frame and management of technical work to ensure at e 3GPP specifications are produced in a timely manner as required by e ket place according to e principles and rules contained in e Project reference documentation. Proposed contribution to ITU-R TG 8/1 on TDD harmonisation developments wi in 3GPP: TSG RAN- ision: RAN-3: RP-99281: o er: S4.11: Chairman WG4- ision: RAN-3 Deliverables and worlplan for TSG RAN WG2: RAN WG2- ision: RAN-3: RP-99257: o er: Status report of RAN WG2: RAN WG2 Chairman Report of e last meeting of ITU-R TG 8/1. In ese meetings it undertakes a number of functions including: final adoption of 3GPP Technical Specification Group work items, ratification of election results. and ratification of e 3GPP resources. e PCG manages e various Specifications Group areas. TSG RAN. e RAN or Radio Access Network specifications groups are known as TSG RAN. 3GPP TSG-RAN WG2 Meeting 98 R2-1705781. Hangzhou, China, 15 An Energy Efficient design of LTE is proposed which blends e technologies proposed by 3GPP such as . 3GPP TSG RAN WG2 - Radio Layer 2 and Radio Layer 3 RR. 3GPP TSG RAN WG2 - Radio Layer 2 and Radio Layer 3 RR: SCOPE: e 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) is e pri y body for developing technology specifications for cellular networks. It self-organises rough its Working Groups coordinated by e Chairs of e Technical. 3GPP R4-167216. TSG-RAN WG4 Meeting 80bis LS on RAN1 agreements for NR initial access and mobility. 3GPP R1-16 203 3GPP TSG RAN WG1 Meeting 86bis Synchronization in NR considering beam sweeping. 3GPP R1-16 307 3GPP TSG RAN WG1 Meeting 86bis Views on time domain structure for NR. 3GPP R1-16 351 3GPP TSG RAN WG1 Meeting 86bis A Framework. 3GPP TSG-SA WG2 Meeting 99 S2-133823. Xiamen, China, 23 - 27 . Title: LS reply on Interpretations of assumptions in chapter 16 of 3GPP TS 23.402 V11.6.0 (-03) on e behaviour of a Trusted WLAN Access Network. Response to: LS (omniran-13-0024-01-ecsg) on Interpretations of assumptions in chapter 16 of 3GPP. Apr 22, 2008 · WG2-04-009r1. Sophia-Antipolis, France, 21-22 April 2008 CR-Form-v9.4 PSEUDO-CHANGE REQUEST (23.822 CR-(rev - (Current version: 0.2.0 (For. According to R2-164306 (3GPP TSG-RAN WG2 94), e 3GPP desires to study e deployments of cell layouts for standalone NR in macro cells, heterogeneous cells and small cells. According to 3GPP TSG-RAN WG2 94 meeting minutes for e 23-26, meeting, one . 28,  · 3GPP TSG RAN WG2 Meeting NR-Adoc 2 (27 -29 e ) Title: Remaining issues on SCG SRB Configuration. Topic: Content: NR RRC send RRC connection reconfiguration and Measurement Report messages via SCG SRB. Conclusion. My main task has been 3GPP RAN2 delegate work focusing on LTE. is involved participation in e home office research programs and contributing to RAN2 meetings. I work also as an 3GPP TSG RAN WG2 rapporteur for LTE Idle Mode Specification.Title: Head of Nokia Techonologies . 3GPP TSG-RAN WG2 Meeting 111 electronic R2-200xxxx 17 st ust – 28 ust Agenda Item: 7.2.4 Source: ZTE (email discussion rapporteur) Title: Report of [AT111-e][403][eMTC R16] Clarification on subframe level resource reservation (ZTE) Document for: Discussion and ision 1 Scope of e offline email discussion is document contains e sum y of e offline email . 16,  · e RAN TSG is responsible for defining e functions, requirements and interfaces of e 3GPP radio network. e RAN Plenary e-meeting included slightly over 300 delegates. e RAN Plenary e-meeting focused pri ily on e continuation and completion of Release 16 topics. Since work was not able to progress in e e-meetings as fast as in e. 3GPP TSG RAN meeting 70 RP-152234. Sitges, Spain, 7 - , . Title: Reply LS on LAA 3GPP TSG RAN WG2, 3GPP TSG RAN WG4 - is email is sent from e 802 Executive Committee email reflector. is list is maintained by Listserv. A me od for reporting carrier status in a user equipment (UE) of a wireless communication system is disclosed. e wireless communication system supports Carrier Aggregation (CA) such at e UE is able to perform transmission or reception rough multiple component carriers. e me od includes steps of configuring a plurality of component carriers, receiving a signaling utilized for. 3GPP 1 3GPP TSG RA WG1 Meeting 86 R1-167593 Go enburg, Sweden, ust 22-26, Source: Cohere Technologies Title: Performance evaluation of OTFS waveform in single user scenarios Agenda item: Document for: Discussion. Introduction Several candidate waveforms for NR have been presented and discussed at e past two RAN1 meetings. 3GPP TSG RAN meeting 70 RP-152234. Sitges, Spain, 7 - , . Title: Reply LS on LAA 3GPP TSG RAN WG2, 3GPP TSG RAN WG4 - is email is sent from e 802 Executive Committee email reflector. is list is maintained by Listserv. Attachment: About - Systems Architecture design 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G - Standards development. Participated and contributed in 3GPP TSG RAN-WG2 (L2/3 protocols stack)Title: Engineering at Playground.Global. 3GPP TSG-RAN WG2 Meeting 3bis R2-1815843 181xxxx Chengdu, China, 8-12 ust Title: DRAFT Reply LS on RAN4 design on channel bandwid Response to: R4-1811905 / R2-1813541 Release: Release 15 Work Item: NR_newRAT-Core Source: Qualcomm Incorporated To: RAN4 Cc: RAN1 Contact Person: Name: Masato Kitazoe E-mail Address: mkitazoe [at] . Report of SA WG2 ad-hoc meeting 57 Version 1.0.0. 3GPP. SA WG2. TD S2-071650 LS (from TSG GERAN) on feasibility of GAN enhancements. is was introduced by Nokia Siemens Networks. SA WG1 has asked TSG GERAN to work on GAN enhancements (S1-061408). As a result TSG GERAN approved a work item (GP-062276) at GERAN32 meeting in order to conduct. 3GPP Long-term Evolution Development Status. e requirement of LTE (TR25.913) is approved at 3GPP TSG RAN 28 meeting in 2005.6 . Now 3GPP TSG RAN is working on e TR25.912 (Feasibility Study for EUTRA and EUTRAN) WG1Physical layer aspects (TR25.814) WG2 Radio interface protocol aspects (TR25.813) WG3 Radio access architecture and interfaces (TR. DESCRIPTION OF EXHIBIT OFRD [Meredi Exhibit 51] PTX-0252 R2-060990 entitled LTE MAC scheduling wi TP, 3GPP TSG-RAN2 Meeting 52, A ens, Greece, 27-31 ch, 2006 PTX-0253 R2-060988 3GPP RAN1/RAN2 joint meeting on LTE document entitled PCH mapping and Paging control, A ens, Greece, 27-31 ch, 2006 [Meredi Exhibit 49] PTX-0254 R2-061152. A me od for controlling discontinuous reception in a wireless transmit/receive unit includes defining a plurality of DRX levels, wherein each DRX level includes a respective DRX cycle leng and tran. A me od, computer program and apparatus operate when resuming data transmission/reception upon activation of a serving cell, or after a long in-device coexistence interference avoidance gap, to determine whe er to report to a network access node an in-device coexistence interference indicator value and send e in-device coexistence interference indicator value to e network access node. As of April , 3GPP is composed of more an 370 individual members. Specification work is done at WG and at TSG level: e 3GPP WGs hold several meetings a year. ey prepare and discuss change requests against 3GPP specifications. A change request accepted at WG level is called agreed. e 3GPP TSGs hold plenary meetings quarterly. I contributed to e evaluation of new Qualcomm proposals to improve e RLC protocol for W-CDMA (relative to e RLP for CDMA-2000 and an optimal link-layer protocol). e results were presented in 3GPP TSG RAN WG2 meetings. I also participated in e establishment of e Enhanced Uplink (EUL) system evaluation me odology.Title: Technical Consultant (Multimedia . e implementation of Local IP Access (LIPA), Extended LIPA (ELIPA), and Selected IP Traffic Offload (SIPTO) for e design of a Converged Gateway (CGW) are disclosed. e gateway system provi.

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