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When you get at many trolls around each o er, ey start planning raids on o er websites, which tend to be organized. Given at ere are so many users, some are hackers (some even quite skilled). at should answer what 4chan. e why is simple: ey ink it's fun. Seriously, at's it. It has lead to bo 4chan and reddit working toge er to attack 9gag as well as 4chan conducting solo raids on e site. Just mentioning 9gag on any board will result in e read being saged into oblivion. It isn't Reddit vs. 4chan vs. 9gag anymore. It's Everyone vs. 9gag now. 4chan and Reddit (when ey aren't taking pot shots at each o er) are not above putting aside eir differences to enact a joint raid on 9gag. . e paragraph in question reads as follows: In uary , some members of 9Gag were blamed for 4Chan reportedly engaging in a cyber-bullying attack on Facebook memorial pages of 15-year-old suicide victim Amanda Cummings, posting offensive pictures and comments mocking her dea. Aleksandar Bulovic' 16:06, 19 February (UTC). e origin of e Patriotic Nigras has been traced by cyber-rights researcher Peter Ludlow to e /b/ imageboard of e imageboard 4chan where board members ided in late 2005 to raid Habbo Hotel, a popular avatar-based social networking game. e raid took e form of numerous black men presenting avatars wi outsize afros and Armani suits blocking access to e virtual pool and telling Purpose: Internet activism.Internet . At first glance, 4chan seems relatively uncomplicated. It is, as it describes itself on e top of a minimal homepage, a simple image-based bulletin board where anyone can post comments and share. 4chan is an anonymous English-language imageboard website. Created by Christopher moot Poole and launched in ober 2003, e site hosts boards dedicated to a wide variety of topics, from anime and manga to video games, music, literature, fitness, politics, and sports, among o ers. Registration is not possible, and users generally post anonymously. Posting is ephemeral. reads receiving. 9GAG is a Hong Kong–based online platform and social media website, which allows its users to upload and share user-generated content or o er content from external social media websites.Since e platform for collections of Internet memes was launched on y 1, 2008, it has grown in popularity across e social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Snapchat Snapchat is an image messaging and multimedia mobile application created by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown, former students at Stanford University, and developed by Snap Inc., originally Snapchat Inc Snapchat was made in . It makes it easy for teens to get away wi sending bad pics. ey disappear after you send, but s t kids know what's on e. It's e main reason why I believe 4chan mostly consists of 13-14 year olds (even ough I've heard at adults use it). Not to mention e fact at e word is actually a derogatory word for LGBT people (pri ily homoual men). It's like if e just ided to add e n-word (wi e er ending) at e end of random words. Report generated based on a request from Talk:4chan.It matches e following masks: Talk:4chan/Archive It was generated at 05:09, 15 ober (UTC) by Legobot. Due to e growing traffic on 4chan's and 420chan's boards, users soon began to plot pranks offline using Internet Relay Chat (IRC). ese raids resulted in e first mainstream press story on Anonymous, a report by Fox station KTTV in Los Angeles, California in e U.S. e report called e group hackers on steroids, domestic terrorists. Chat. Audio. Video. Ask. Grid View List View. 4chan vs Homestuck masterpost! (for some posts, I couldn’t fit all of e post in because of my computer, sorry.) All credit to e original posters (and 4chan for being so hilariously idiotic) 4chan raid 4chan jerks 4chan vs homestuck gore mention gore description would show you e art but. Habbo Hotel Raids. I can understand e raid not being in e Habbo article, since overall it wasn't at important to e history of Habbo Hotel. However, it was a important event in e history o chan and /b/, as it represents a significant mobilization of /b/ posters and is erefore notable in e board's history. An English-language imageboard based on cannabis culture which was created on 20 April 2005 by Aubrey Cottle. e name is a reference to e larger 4chan and e code term 420 of e cannabis subculture.Its boards include various drug-specific boards, as well as a board featuring a chatbot named Netjester. 4chan. 19,  · Over e last five or so years, Discord has consistently shown at it is e instant messaging platform for not only gamers, but anyone looking to message, video chat. Social media and its effects on teenagers have been on e radar for quite some time now. Older generations have been constantly looking for new ways to blame e Internet culture whenever ey see a new atrocity committed by young people. Recently, video games were subjected to scrutiny for allegedly causing violence in society. Since 4chan is e earliest source of e leaked material and it has received considerable media coverage over is, it should be mentioned. ere is now a arate article for ust celebrity photo leaks. ♦Ian Ma c M♦ 05:57, 4 (UTC) 4chan says at it is changing its rules as a result of is incident. Raids in general should at least be mentioned. /b/ has preformed numerous raids in e past on websites/forums. You could make brief mention of notable raids, such as e y 12 Habbo Raid or e e-Baums/YTMND at 4chan was involved. /b/ is e internet's asshole Seriously, where does is come from? Ryulong 01:22, 16 y 2006 (UTC). a running gag on 4chan holds at Anonymous is not a single person but a collective (hive) of users.[16] is line wrong, it should be e o er way around. Anonymous is a collection of users, ousands of em. e running gag is at anonymous is one person . 14,  · e Best Gaming Headsets for . A good gaming headset delivers rich sound to really get you into e game and an integrated microphone so you can trash talk your opponents. 4chan /b/ is 4chan /b/, its only purpose for an organized raid is a bulletin board for recruiting bodies. Raids are organized off site and none of ose people care about 4chan being on e main page. BJ Talk 02:30, 14 uary 2009 (UTC) You'd ink o erwise anks to at huge read linked to at AN/I. YouTube is going downhill wi its minute time limit, suspending users for no reason, and you can't get your account back. It wouldn't surprise me if it died. So, on at day, here are e sites you can visit. e Top Ten Vimeo is an ad-free open video platform at is headquartered. Lulz Security, commonly abbreviated as LulzSec, was a black hat computer hacking group at claimed responsibility for several high profile attacks, including e compromise of user accounts from Sony Pictures in . e group also claimed responsibility for taking e CIA website offline. Some security professionals have commented at LulzSec has drawn attention to insecure systems and e. Project Chanology (also called Operation Chanology) was a protest movement against e practices of e Church of Scientology by members of Anonymous, a leaderless Internet-based group. e project was started in response to e Church of Scientology's attempts to remove material from a highly publicized interview wi Scientologist Tom Cruise from e Internet in uary 2008. I was * ERE* for e raids (as a passive observer). Not only at, e screenshots, videos, etc., pretty much undeniably prove at e raids *did occur*. But * IS IS NOT WHAT IS AT ISSUE*. e problem is e notability of e raids, wi in e context of Habbo Hotel. Now, first off, ask any Habbo user, and most will know about e raids. e RIAA has apparently in e past been revealed to and have admitted to e practice of spoofing, deliberately flooding P2P networks wi k music. A fur er reference to such activity was discovered when computer softe and source code along wi emails were stolen from US Company Media Defender. eir softe was designed to facilitate interdiction on all e en known peer. tags /b/ and 4chan aren't e most popular tags. ere is no indication on e site of which tags are most used. e tags /b/ and 4chan are at e top of e list because e personal tag list on e Who's Live page (not e popular tag list on e main page) lists e tags is in alphabetical order. /, and e number 4 come before all letters so ey are at e top of e list. Also notice at is doesn't verify at nei er 4chan or 7chan support raids or have stopped supporting em. Enric Naval (talk) 04:26, 26 y 2008 (UTC) I don't have any reliable sources for 4chan or 7chan (yet), but is should be enough to prove at ere are sections of . 4chan Raid. 4chan is raiding e article, protect it please. —Preceding unsigned comment added by 05:33, 22 ch (UTC) Fixed, I ink e page doesn't need protection right now ough. Prodego talk 05:35, 22 ch (UTC) Krawk Island. is is a list of scandals or controversies whose names include a -gate suffix, by analogy wi e Watergate scandal, as well as o er incidents to which e suffix has (often facetiously) been applied. is list also includes controversies at are widely referred to wi a -gate suffix, but be referred to by ano er more common name (such as e New Orleans Saints bounty scandal. Ear 0, have in mind at wikipedia is an encyclopedia, not an 9gag, 4chan and o er imageboards at let all explanation on images. In wikipedia, as on all encyclopedias, e description of an subjetc is written and referenced, wi few images illustrating what's being said. e Jester (also known by e leetspeak handle 3j35t3r) is an unidentified computer vigilante who describes himself as a grey hat hacktivist. He claims to be responsible for attacks on WikiLeaks, 4chan, [citation needed] Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and Islamist websites. He claims to be acting out of American patriotism. e Jester uses a denial-of-service (DoS) tool known as. Wayne Olajuwon chat 22:53, 19 ober 20 (UTC) Weak support. Your content editing isn't up to e standards it should be, but based on your answers to e questions in is RfA, I'm going to support. e Utahraptor Talk to me / Contributions 22:57, 19 ober 20 (UTC) Support as nominator. — Soap — 23:00, 19 ober 20 (UTC) Support. Pizzagate is a debunked conspiracy eory at went viral during e United States presidential election cycle. It has been extensively discredited by a wide range of organizations, including e Washington, D.C. police.. In ch , e personal email account of John Podesta, Hillary Clinton's campaign manager, was hacked in a spear-phishing attack. Habbo has been a frequent target for organized raids by Anonymous. In 2006, a meme began circulating on 4chan boards regarding racist conduct by Habbo moderators and arbitrary banning of players wi darker-skinned avatars. As a result, users signed up to e Habbo site dressed in avatars of a black man wearing a grey suit and an Afro hairstyle and blocked entry to e pool, laring at it. e Gay Nigger Association of America (GNAA) was an Internet trolling group. ey trolled several prominent websites and Internet personalities including Slashdot, Wikipedia, CNN, Barack Obama, Alex Jones, and prominent members of e blogosphere. ey also released softe products, and leaked screenshots and information about upcoming operating systems. Internet slang is used in chat rooms, social networking services, online games, video games and in e online community. Since 1979, users of communications networks like Usenet created eir own shor. In pop culture. In Japanese, e term moe has come into common use among slang users to mean some ing preciously cute and appealing. User-generated content (UGC), alternatively known as user-created content (UCC), is any form of content, such as images, videos, text, and audio, at has been posted by users on online platforms such as social media and wikis.It is a product consumers create to disseminate online products or e firm at kets it. User-generated content is used for a wide range of applications, including. e boogaloo movement, whose adherents are often referred to as boogaloo boys or boogaloo bois, is a loosely organized far-right, anti-government, and extremist political movement in e United States. e movement has also been described as a militia. Boogaloo adherents say ey are preparing for, or seek to incite, a second American Civil which ey call e boogaloo. Stormfront is a white nationalist, white supremacist, antisemitic, Holocaust denial, and Neo-Nazi Internet forum, and e Web's first major racial hate site. In addition to its promotion of Holocaust denial, Stormfront has increasingly become active in e propagation of Islamophobia.. Stormfront began as an online bulletin board system in e early 1990s before being established as a website. Tumblr (stylized as tumblr and pronounced tumbler) is an American microblogging and social networking website founded by David Karp in 2007 and currently owned by Automattic. e service allows users to post multimedia and o er content to a short-form blog.Users can follow o er users' blogs. Bloggers can also make eir blogs private. For bloggers many of e website's features are accessed.

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