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Naruto finds a demon vessel orphan. Naruto adopts e orphan. When a villager almost kills e orphan, Naruto leaves Konoha. After 9 years he returns. Strong, wi out his mask and a dhter. NaruSasu Konoha uXO.C. Sasuke is a little OOC. e Essential SasuNaru Reading List is is just a list of what are (in my extensive reading and very humble oppinion) e best fanfiction e SasuNaru community has to offer. (Stories at make mine look like crap! Huzzah!) e must-read stories in e SasuNaru community, if ere's a story on. Sasuke leaves Konoha, devastating Naruto hours after eir kiss. He returns to find an emotionless Hunter-Nin, who allows only 6 people even remotely near him. Will Sasuke be able to bring back Naruto or will Naruto be lost to him forever? SasuNaru. Uzumaki Naruto has resigned from e Shinobi Ranks. His whereabouts are unknown,- ey could only bow eir heads in silent resignation. He finally went, Neji sighed, to Sasuke, -In which Naruto leaves to find his true home. SasuNaru Eventual Mpreg. Wi out e consent of e ird, Naruto ides to train and leaves Konoha at e age of 5 alone. During his journey, he encounters Gaara and Haku and ides to take em along wi him. Haku is a girl. Naruto - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 22 - Words: 114,688 - Reviews: 651 - . Apr 07, 20  · Naruto and Sasuke are toge er for a single night and sometime later Naruto leaves Konoha because he could no longer hide his pregnancy. A team is sent out to search for him and when ey do find him in a cabin or shack, it's cold out and snow has fallen, he had cut open his abdomen to bir his babies, I believe it was a set of triplets. I cannot seem to remember much more o er an e. So Sasuke has been acting strange lately and Naruto is hiding some ing and no one exactly knows why, except oddly Kiba. But will he end up telling Naruto's. Why don't you get some sleep too? Naruto tries to dodge e question at hand, at least in till he talks to Sasuke. Oh..okay..but, you Better tell me tomorrow! e boy yells running up to his room. _____ DAMN IT! Naruto yells slamming his fist on his desk, trying to gain enough courage to call his old rival. Naruto?. is is set 8 years after Sasuke leaves Konoha So e group are about 20-21. Also ere is onesided SasuNaru. ey ran back to Konoha, Naruto full of apprehension and excitement. I want Miso! He continued is hyperactive chat all e way until ey reached Ichiraku's. When ey sat down, Iruka ordered two bowls of ramen. After. 13, 2009 · Post invasion. Nagato does not resurrect e dead. Wi Konoha weak, Iwa scheming and Kiri rising, e 5 Nations are on e brink of. Naruto must fight rough conspiracy, betrayal and e Akatsuki to preserve peace and be find peace himself. e Final Frontier. Life did not end wi e closing of e Four Great Shinobi. Naruto has been beaten and hurt by e villagers all because he is e jinchūriki of e Nine Tail Fox. After a sad event, Naruto leaves Konoha wi Kurama (e Nine Tail Fox). Will he return? What if Minato and Kushina come back alive? Btw is is a Sasunaru Also- . In addition to being minato s wife and naruto s mo er she was also e mo er in law of hinata hyūga and e paternal 21 naruto is ere to see sasuke leave konoha after e naruto sasuke friendship anime. Jirayia knows e tru ough and he proceeds to find e real and very much still living naruto and takes him back to konoha. sasunaru naruto sasuke narusasu yaoi sasukexnaruto narutouzumaki sasukeuchiha boyxboy sakura uchiha narutoxsasuke uzumaki kakashi anime itachi narutoshippuden narutolovestory fanfiction team7. In Konoha High, ere were two infamous heartbreakers - Sasuke Uchiha and Naruto Uzumaki. Sasuke leaves e village to travel e world to atone. Sasunaru sasuke returns to konoha fanfiction. Capítulo 5: Disfrutando la diversión en Konoha Ladybug y Chat Noir observaron la pequeña aldea de Konoha desde lo alto del monumento Hokage. No era lo mismo como la vista de vuelta en casa, pero igual era hermoso. SasuNaru Vulpixi-Misa 18 27 Naruto - SasuNaru Meme Memorie01 125 53 Cute kissing SasuNaru meme ia-ber0312 5 3. In Naruto Shippuden Ending 30 - Nebā Chenji (Never Change), Naruto can be seen sitting alone somewhere at Konoha while Sasuke running and stop as he watches e view of Konoha. e camera en focuses on Sasuke and e leaves blow by when he smiles. After e leaves blow by, e camera focuses on Naruto and he can be seen smiling. 18,  · Naruto's giving up of being Konoha's weapon, (let's be honest, e rookies probably know about e tru about e kyuubi's dea, and e roles of Jinchuriki) and his running away from his fate sealed e fate of his family and village. Konoha getting destroyed. (I'm under e assumption at Neji still has his fatalist mindset.). Totally madly in love wi Naruto Narusasu/Sasunaru trash Anti Naruhina - Anti Sasusaku All credits for my avatar and cover go to eir respective au ors. konoha-no-narusasu. Naruto & Sasuke. 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, at’s what e app is perfect for. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna. Naruto Banished Fanfiction Konoha Bashing. I arrive at e hospital since I heard what happen. My team went on a high rank mission and it went pretty well. Except for Sasuke getting hurt and ending up in e hospital again. I walk up to e front desk and ask for e location of e room. I walk into e room and see it was empty except for Sasuke who seem to be in deep ought. I walk into e room and close e door behind me. 11,  · Konoha Elite - SasuNaru School Fanfic. 16.7K Reads 298 Votes 3 Part Story. By BlackhawkIris Ongoing - Updated 11, Embed Story Share via Email Read New Reading List. SasuNaru fanfic. Naruto is e beautiful dobe, who is perhaps not as oblivious as he seems. Sasuke Uchiha-heir to a his fa er's company is captured by e blonde's unique. gaanaru naruto gaara narugaa sasunaru sasuke yaoi gaaraxnaruto nejinaru shikanaru kibanaru itanaru kurama kakashi sakura boyxboy narutoxgaara shika u Naruto can't take it. He saved Konoha at least twice but e villagers have been treating him worse at ever! Naruto finally gets mad enough and leaves e Hidden Leaf in search of. Naruto is a first year in Konoha high along wi his ird year bro er Kurama. He meets sasuke who happens to hate kurama and e rest of e uchihas who have an evil plot to destroy konoha but ey need assistance. vampire sasuke hanyou kyuubi no kitsune Naruto. SasuNaru Chapter 2 Naruto slides out of bed and slowly gets dressed. Getting home late and barely getting any sleep, he was exsauhsted. He slips on his shoes and leaves his house. Walking down e street tods e hokage's, promising to help her wi a favor is morning. e sun was bright, he squinted trying to shild his eyes. Konoha must be brought down and destroyed👏. I irst, and I hunger for good Naruto content. Mostly shitposting, a few serious uzumaki-rights in my VEINS Kishimoto I am coming for you run bitch run is shotgun I have here is loaded and pointed straight at you sasunaru sns narusasu anti naruto ending anti naruto e last anti kishimoto. Naruto stays in Konoha, despite Kurama wanting Naruto to leave and find e man who saved him. To help Naruto cope wi e loss of his eyes, Kurama enhanced his o er senses and trained him. Naruto is a dead-last because he can't see. Very few people know at he's blind because Kurama healed e scars on his face so at he'd look normal.. 18, - Naruto has been beaten and hurt by e villagers all because he is e jinchūriki of e Nine Tail Fox. After a sad event, Naruto leaves Konoha wi Kurama . Naruto Uzumaki. Sasuke Uchiha. One is popular and e o er completely ignored, constantly teased and bullied. Sasuke is torn after his parents died, being a closed-off, distant and cold person Sasuke is a depressed person and somehow is very popular. Naruto Uzumaki, he was classified as a 'sun. 3, - Xả ảnh về couple sasunaru, team 7 và một số hình kawaii khác Chỉ là ảnh và một số doujinshi.. Trong đây chỉ có sasunaru, team 7, sakura, allnaru .. Article from Naruto Shippuden Sasuke Anime Naruto Naruto Fan Art Naruto Comic Naruto Sasuke Sakura Naruto Cute Naruto Girls Kakashi Anime Shop. 17,  · Naruto's not finding being Hokage as easy as he ought it'd be. Picking up some advice from Tsunade, he's almost always drunk. iding to invite a select few of his friends to a meal in Ichiraku to celebrate his position, one ing leads to ano er during . 25, - is board is just about naruto and Sasuke having nhty fun. See more ideas about Naruto and sasuke, Sasunaru, Sasuke.126 pins. yes but please. please let me talk about sasunarugaa, please let me talk about my holy poly trinity. naruto and gaara being kage husbands. everyone in bo suna and konoha knows about it and ey get in trouble at kage meetings because ey always end up playing footsie and holding hands under e table and giving each o er googly eyes because naruto is gaara’s sunshine and naruto is so. Or: e one where Naruto leaves e village, meets Itachi on e way out, and ey become e bestest of friends. (featuring: sassy Kurama, Sasuke and his abnormal amount of bloodlust, Itachi being a sneaky son of a bitch, and sns skirting around eir feelings for each o er). Naruto nods, plans already clicking into place, courses of action and probable outcomes and strategy whirling rough his brain. is is no time for his usual impulsiveness, not wi an entire village depending on him. We’ll need Konoha, he agrees, knowing what his . 1, - A blog at is 0 SasuNaru (and sometimes NaruSasu) run by two people who have SasuNaru as our FOREVER OTP. We will post any ing we can find at has to do wi SasuNaru. Also, feel free to contribute! Naruto Vs Sasuke Anime Naruto Naruto Comic Anime W Naruto Cute Naruto Funny Naruto Shippuden Anime Sasunaru Anime Characters.

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